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Coal Age: Seal Construction at the Cardinal Mine

Moving from the No. 11 to the No. 9 seam, Warrior Coal reclaims assets and seals old works

“From a regulatory point of view, only a limited number of 120-psi seal options have been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) that can be constructed in heights that are approximately 30 ft. After discussing plans with seal contractors and MSHA, Warrior Coal selected the Micon 120-psi Main Line Hybrid II Seal. Based upon the range of height expected, the large seal according to the Micon seal specifications would be 10 ft to 12 ft thick.” 

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Core Experience

Refuge alternatives
Big seals & small seals

PUR polyurethane grout
  • Roof control
  • Ground control
  • Water control
  • Ventilation control
  • Seal ring grouting
  • Shaft repair & stabilization
Ventilation seals & stoppings
  • Explosion seals (call for MSHA installation guidelines & approvals) (create mobile phone link to click to call)
  • Conventional stoppings – 20, 50, 120 & custom psi
  • Patented engineered design solid concrete masonry unit and proprietary SIGNUM & Hybribond seals for life of mine
  • ZERO structural failures in over ___ installed
Impoundment retaining structures
Gas well sealing – specializing in unmapped & uncharted
Underground borehole plugs & sealing
Turnkey design engineering & construction

Supports & cribbing
  • Armored stackable supports
  • Pumpable fabric cribs
Light & heavy void fill systems
Pneumatic rock stowing
Hydraulic rock stowing
Environmental solutions for mining

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